The Aquila Challenge


The Aquila Challenge will be a series of archery and thrown weapon contests sponsored by the Order of Aquila et Fulmen. Contests for both archery and thrown weapons will take place at Castle Fever, Northern Realms War and Warriors and Warlords. The results of all six contests (three archery and three thrown weapons) will be combined to determine an overall winner.

The Aquila Challenge will be a team competition. Teams may have up to four members. For each of the six competitions, only the highest score by a member of the team will count toward the overall Aquila Challenge score for that team.
The prizes for the overall winning team will be a quiver, one dozen arrows, three throwing axes and three throwing knives. Prizes will be awarded at Warriors and Warlords.

Toussaint de Caluwé / Tyson Patterson
Order of Aquila et Fulmen

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