2016 Castle Fever Staff:

  • Event Stewards:
     Lady Mirriam Paynter,
     Susanna Sparke of Cheshire (Sonja Ziegler,
  • Class Coordinator:
    Mistress Greta Rahikkaien
  • Marshal in Charge:

  • Youth Boffer Marchal in Charge:
    THL Antolin de Treburgos
  • Rapier and C&T Marshal in Charge:
    Master Gevehard von Baden
  • Archery Marshal in Charge:
    Lord Petrus of Silfren Mere
  • Thrown Weapons Marshal in Charge:
    Lord Gavin Mag Aonghusa
  • Royal Liaison:
    Lord Tarien Dane
  • Merchant Steward:
    Lord Tarien Dane

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